Momentary Push Button. Silver Rotary Lever. Porcelain Base


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Product number: 20.120.12
Product information "Momentary Push Button. Silver Rotary Lever. Porcelain Base"

Important: This is NOT A LIGHT SWITCH but a momentary push-button. Momentary push-buttons only close the circuit while they are held. They require additional electronics such as separate dimmers, relays, or a SmartHome system. For conventional turning on and off of the lights, please choose a rotary switch insert.

These high-quality momentary push-button inserts are made of handcrafted porcelain – Made in Italy. They are manufactured in the prestigious porcelain factory Gambarelli near Venice. The exclusive rotary push-buttons combine traditional craftsmanship, premium materials of the highest quality, and modern, robust technology.

The luxurious feel of the materials and the smooth mechanics when turning the levers convey luxury and quality. The reliability and safety of the rotary push-buttons are confirmed by the coveted VDE seal, vouching for the highest standards.

Installation is straightforward in conventional wall boxes. In the case of two or three rotary push-buttons placed next to each other/above each other, covered by a common frame, the wall boxes must comply with the standard spacing of 71 mm (center to center).

Technical specifications:

IP20, 10AX, 250V CE, VDE certified Push-button with rotary lever

The contact is closed as long as the rotary lever is held at a 45-degree angle. Upon release, the rotary lever returns by itself to a 90-degree angle, interrupting the circuit.

Dimmer: To adjust brightness, combine this rotary momentary push-button with a separate dimmer. The small dimmer is a standalone device and can be placed anywhere in the circuit.

Intermediate switch: If you want to control a lamp from multiple locations, combine these momentary rotary push-buttons with a separate relay. The small relay is a standalone device and can be placed anywhere in the circuit.

These high-quality rotary push-buttons are manufactured in Italy and meet the quality standards of the European market.