Wooden frame ARREDA with 1 round cutout. Dove gray wood.


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Product number: 23.321.DG
Product information "Wooden frame ARREDA with 1 round cutout. Dove gray wood."
Frame made of real solid wood, with fastening mechanism. Version "dove gray". Outside diameter 104 mm. 1 cut-out for round standard wall socket. Suitable for round switches or sockets from this manufacturer. Quality work from Italy.

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Porcelain switch insert rotary switch in bronze. On/Off toggle switch. Butterfly
Technology / Typ: On / off + 2-Way switch | Material: Bronze
High-quality rotary switch inserts made from handmade porcelain – Made in Italy. Crafted with masterful precision in the renowned porcelain factory Gambarelli near Venice. These exclusive light switches blend traditional craftsmanship, premium materials of the highest quality, and modern robust technology to accentuate the luxurious ambiance of your spaces.The elegant rotary levers, crafted from authentic metals, turn switching into a pleasure. The premium feel of the materials and the smooth technique when turning the switches convey a high level of luxury and style. The reliability and safety of the rotary switches are confirmed by the coveted VDE seal, ensuring the highest standards.Installation is straightforward in standard wall boxes. When mounting two or three rotary switches side by side/above each other, covered by a common frame, the wall boxes must adhere to the standard spacing of 71 mm (center to center).Technical specifications:IP20, 10AX, 250V CE, VDE certified Single switch and simultaneously a 2-way switchDimmer: To adjust brightness, do not choose this switch, but opt for a rotary button together with a separate dimmer. The dimmer is a standalone device and can be placed anywhere in the circuit.3-way switch: With this rotary switch, it is possible to control the lamp from one or two locations. If you want to control a lamp from three or more locations, do not choose these switches; instead, opt for rotary buttons together with a separate relay. The relay is a standalone device and can be placed anywhere in the circuit.The high-quality rotary switches are Made in Italy and meet the quality standards for the European market. Enjoy the experience of these exclusive light switches.

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Porcelain socket insert type F White.
Schuko socket outlet insert. Porcelain and high quality plastic, white. 2 P-16A 250V. For mounting in standard wall sockets with screws. 

Rj11 telephone socket round. White porcelain. GI GAMBARELLI
Porcelain telephone connection socket RJ11, German standard, 6P / 4C

Rotary Push button retro porcelain 1-fold
MATERIAL:: Porcelain | SIZE:: 1 gang | TECHNOLOGY:: Push-button 230V:
Give your home that special touch with high-quality rotary switches from Gambarelli, exclusive design, and craftsmanship from Italy. VDE certified. This complete set includes: High-quality rotary switch inserts from the renowned manufacturer Gambarelli in Italy Exclusive rotary levers made of authentic metals or ceramics (optional) Everything you need for a functional light switch Traditional craftsmanship is combined with these rotary switches using top-notch materials and reliable technology. Elegant design and high-quality feel for a luxurious ambiance. Tested safety with the coveted VDE seal. Experience the difference. This complete set includes everything (except wall boxes) you need for a functioning rotary switch. Technical specifications: IP20, 10AX, 250V CE, VDE certified On/off switch and simultaneous changeover switch Sizes: 1-gang frame wood ø 104 mm2-gang frame wood: 175 x 1043-gang frame wood: 246 x 1044-gang frame wood: 317 x 1041-gang frame ceramic ø 105 mm2-gang frame ceramic: 177 x 94 mm3-gang frame ceramic: 249 x 94 mm4-gang frame ceramic: not available With these beautiful rotary switches, you make a statement in your home.

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Socket porcelain 1-fold
MATERIAL:: Porcelain | SIZE:: 1 gang | TECHNOLOGY:: Socket
High-quality socket from the Italian porcelain manufacturer GI Gambarelli.  Suitable for the ARREAD Butterfly switch series.  Scope of delivery: Frame  Socket insert/inserts. Number according to the chosen size.  You will receive a complete product.  Everything you need for a working product is included except for the wall box. Fits in round wall boxes, German Standard.